Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's the Point? this a good idea?

An email was received that asked, "what is the point of contacting sponsors? They won't care anyway!"

Another email expressed concern that posting this type of information might be illegal or dangerous for the people who run these types of sites.

About the first question...why do this? Because companies are VERY concerned about their public image. That's why they align themselves with shows to begin reach a demographic over which they feel they have some influence. When that influence seems in jeopardy, such as when a sponsor is aligned with a controversial show, celebrity or event, they can be very quick to pull the plug. Or, sometimes they ride through the controversy. Every company is different and has the right to choose what they will do with their advertising dollar. But the consumer and viewer has that same right with their dollar as well!

And that brings us to the second posting this information a good idea or is it illegal? The answer to the legal question is that's not illegal to post factual information. Is Juicy Juice, for example, a sponsor? Yes, clearly. Do they have an office, and email address and a phone number? Sure, here it is. We aren't telling people what to say if they wish to contact the sponsor. In fact, if you like the show, feel free to use our information for that reason too. We just think that if someone is unhappy with a favorite company endorsing this show, they should be able to have the appropriate information to contact the sponsors.

We're not asking anyone to do anything specific. We aren't asking for boycotts, demonstrations, mass writing campaigns...we are just posting the contact information. Consider this a "sponsor phone book" that can be used for whatever reason a reader wishes. But don't assume that because other people are already contacting the sponsors to express their concerns that your voice isn't needed!

Hope that helps clarify some of the recent questions!

Thanks for the help, and about comments...

Thanks to everyone who has already offered to help compile information! We're working on new entries at this moment and they should be posted tomorrow.

About comments...a few emails asked why comments aren't active on these entries. The reason is that other sites and blogs have done a very good job of discussing the show and we hope you will continue to visit there. Also, the sheer amount of work required to moderate comments is just too much for this little ol' blog, so instead it will be just a directory of contact information.

You can still email at if you have a specific comment and it may be addressed in a post (like this one!) or we may direct you to a different site or resource.

If you have recorded episodes on your DVR, we are looking for a list of sponsors for:

1. Color Me Gosselin (the episode where the family visited the Crayola factory)
2. Mady's Special Day (the episode where Kate lost it over the gum)
3. Sextuplets Turn Four (when the family decorated cupcakes)

We still need almost all other episodes, but these are the three we are particularly focusing on for right now in regards to identifying the sponsors and posting their contact information.

Email to the address above if you can help identify sponsors! Thanks!

How to Write to a Sponsor

Tips for writing to sponsors:

1. Be polite. This is no time to rant or use profane language. As angry as you may be for one of your favorite companies to be supporting this show, your email or letter must be polite. Simply mention that you are concerned about the content of the show and that you are unhappy that their company has chosen to align itself with the show. Keep it clean!

2. Don't rant. By now, most of these sponsors have heard many comments about the show already from people who started contacting them months ago. Keep the emails and letters short and to the point. Choose one or two particular concerns you have about the show and expand on those, but don't make a laundry list of everything you have a problem with.

3. Use proper punctuation, spelling and capitalization. You are writing to a business and your email or letter should reflect that. This isn't the time to use cute smiley faces, or lack of capitalization or any other "creative" ways of writing. Pretend you are writing a letter to a company for which you'd like to work. How would that email or letter sound? Be professional.

4. Mention specific action you plan to take. Do you plan to stop purchasing their products? Do you plan to purchase a competitor's product instead? Do you plan to stop using a specific product until something is done (such as a sponsor discontinuing their sponsorship) after which you will gladly return as a customer? Or do you plan to tell friends about their sponsorship? Be honest about what you plan to do. But don't go overboard. Be honest and direct.

5. Be reasonable. While your letter is important to sponsors (and research shows that companies heavily weigh their attention to letters of complaint more than to letters of praise) remember that this is a group effort. These companies will surely receive a great deal of feedback. Don't expect a letter or email back that specifically addresses your concerns. While you might get a form letter or canned email response, this doesn't mean that companies aren't taking your efforts seriously. Write your ONE letter or email (don't write over and over again!) and move on to another sponsor if you wish. Then, let it go....the sponsors will eventually see that there is a great deal of concern about this show.

Your concerns ARE important to these companies! Let them know!

Know of a Jon and Kate Sponsor? Let Us Know!

If you know of a sponsor of the television show, "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" please let us know so we can research the company's contact information and post it here.

We are posting this information in an effort to allow the viewers of the show to express their opinions directly to the sponsors. If you are concerned about the content of the show, please let the sponsors know!

Send sponsor information, including the name of the sponsor and the method of sponsorship (i.e. product placement, donation or goods and services, provided filming locations or aired commercials during the show) to:

Would you like to help on a more ongoing basis? You can join the research team by emailing the address above. Ideally, we would like to make note of the episode title and a list of all sponsors in each episode and all sponsors who ran commercials during each episode and add that to the directory.

If you have previous episodes recorded on your DVR and can make a list of sponsors from a specific show, please email that information and we will compile it here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contact Sponsor of Jon and Kate: Johnson & Johnson

Sponsor Name: Johnson & Johnson

Sponsorship Method: Product placement in the show as well as airing commercials during the show

List of Products from the Sponsor:

Sample of Product Names from this Sponsor: Aveeno, Neutrogena, Johnson's Baby Products, Tylenol, Lubriderm, Band-Aid, Purell, Listerine

Sponsor's Website:

Sponsor's Contact Page:

Sponsor's Mailing Address and Phone:

P.O. Box 726
Langhorne, PA 19047-0726

Contact Jon and Kate Sponsor: Sharpie

Sponsor Name: Sharpie

Sponsorship Method: Commericals during the show

Sponsor's Website:

Sponsor's Contact Page:

Sponsor's Mailing Address & Phone:

Sanford Corporation
Attn. Consumer Affairs
2707 Butterfield Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: (630) 481-2200
Fax: (866) 666-8735

1-800-668-4575 ext 4072 in Canada

Contact Jon and Kate Sponsor: Red Robin Restaurants

Sponsor Name: Red Robin Restaurants

Sponsorhip Method: Provided a location for episode filming (appeared to have closed to the public to do so, due to the fact there was no ambient noise in the restaurant) and also advertises heavily during the commerical breaks.

Sponsor Website:

Sponsor's Contact Page:

Sponsor's Mailing Address and Phone:

To Contact Our Corporate Headquarters For General Inquiries
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
6312 S. Fiddlers Green Cir., #200N
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303-846-6000

Guest Relations:
Phone: 303-846-5440
Fax: 866-445-1419
Email Contact: